The Etnopharmakon mission is to protect and valorize the extraordinary ethnobotanical variety of the planet and life in general as an event in itself extraordinary and unique in all its myriad forms, all closely related to each other, as an absolute value to be protected and promoted above of each historical cultural and social conditioning.

  • by promoting the study, research and dissemination of scientific knowledge and practices about traditional and alternative medicine into their healing, anthropological, ecological, social and political implications;
  •  organizing and promoting conservation projects and implementation of ecosystems and in general an ecological thinking, of integration and responsible cooperation;
  •  dedicating ourselves to projects for the prevention and harm reduction caused from the ignorant, inadequate and uncontrolled assumption of psychoactive substances which, especially in the Western world, creates the serious problem of drug addiction.

We believe that the free and responsible cooperation between individuals and people who form a society is a possible way to achieve the targets that we aim, and it’s indeed the most effective and lasting, because it is the result of free choice that each of us gets to go to a certain direction.