We organize ayahuasca retreats in a tranquil and homey environment, in the outskirts of Puerto Maldonado along the river Madre de Dios.
We work in collaboration with the local shaman, Carlo Schenone Infante, expert in the usage of Amazon medicinal plants.
Our workshops include, after a preliminary purge, cycles of three ayahuasca ceremonies (two at night and one at daytime) following the method "Boa Ayahuasca".



  • 1 day: arrival at the center, reception
  • 2 day: in the morning purge with tobacco and first ayahuasca ceremony nocturnal
  • 3 day: rest
  • 4 day: second ayahuasca ceremony nocturnal
  • 5 day: rest
  • 6 day: third ayahuasca ceremony diurnal
  • 7 day: visit to the butterfly park Tambopata / departure

PRICE: 547 $ (100 $ at the confirmation and 1,520 soles once you arrive at Eco-Center)



  • 1 day: arrival at the center, reception
  • 2 day: in the morning purge with tobacco and first ayahuasca ceremony nocturnal
  • 3 day: rest
  • 4 day: second ayahuasca ceremony nocturnal
  • 5 day: rest
  • 6 day: third ayahuasca ceremony diurnal
  • 7 day: departure to the lake Tres Chimbadas
  • 8 day: lake Tres Chimbadas
  • 9 day: lake Tres Chimbadas and fourth ayahuasca ceremony nocturnal
  • 10 day: rest
  • 11 day: fifth ayahuasca ceremony nocturnal
  • 12 day: rest
  • 13 day: sixth ayahuasca ceremony diurnal
  • 14 day: departure

PRICE: 1,265 $ (145 $ at the confirmation and 3,800 soles once you arrive at Eco-Center)

Included in the price for each retreat: transfer airport/Ecocentro - Ecocentro/airport, food (vegetarian/vegan cuisine), accomodation, ceremonies with ayahuasca and tobacco, guided excursion to lake Tres Chimbadas (selected workshops only).

Interview with shaman Carlo M. Schenone Infante


We are flexible in the organization,

please contact us in order to agree dates together.

"Allow me to introduce myself: I am Carlo, Peruvian medicine facilitator. I am 35 years old and from 19 years I take the medicine. Now I am a member of Etnopharmakon and the one who provides the medicine in the retreats organized by this NGO. 

First of all, we use the medicine in a ritualistic form, respecting the tradition of our ancestors, which it is still completely open to people of all ages and beliefs. 
carloWhat mostly interests us it’s that our patients are extremely serious and compromised to the process they want to realize. The Ayahusca is a sacred plant, very wise, that never pushes us to go beyond the point where you are able to receive his teachings. However, it is also essential the right attitude of the patient with respect to medicine, which is to be humble, trusty and from an open heart. Without being guided by what says our big Ego, you must simply come to flow, receive and give thanks. 
Through the few years of experience I gained, the medicine itself has guided me to work in my own method, also giving it a name: it is called the Boa Ayahuasca method (not to be confused with the same name of a type of Ayahuasca). This method consists in a process of three sessions, which always begin with an offering ritual to the beloved forest, to Pachamama, to the ancestors, to Ayahuasca to our Creator. It continues with a purgative ritual through the use of tobacco tea or the kambo medicine. 
It continues with three sessions of Ayahuasca, two are celebrated at night while the last is celebrated during the day. This process touches the first night the mental level, brings you to the second in which you deal with your own heart, and in the third we experience a renaissance. It is a healing journey to your inner self where the Ayahuasca, along with rapé, the Sananga and other sacred medicines accompany you to the very core of your inner world, bringing you to see the deep roots of your blocks, to forgive, to rid , to let go and finally to be reborn with a new energy. 
For all this it is called Boa Ayahuasca as if the great Boa or Anaconda (the spirit of Ayahuasca) will devour you slowly through the three sessions until you get out of it, totally reborn. However, it is important that people who go through this process should honor all that they have received by trying to follow the way that medicine has shown, by trying to be consistent, applying the teachings in our daily lives. It is important to remember that sessions and medicine are always available, but if we do not we carry out what we have learned, the path that we begin to follow is interrupted. These medicines are very sacred, but should never be seen as immediate solutions to our problems. Life is a learning journey where we must awake and conscious: the medicine can help us a lot to notice if we are walking in the right direction, but it will never walk for us. 
So brothers and sisters of the world, we expect you with love to share the medicine and the path ... by taking our hand and praying together the journey is better and it creates consciousness through the common love for the Earth. "

  • Step 1: fill the reservation
  • Step 2: wait for the confirmation
  • Step 3: pay the deposit for booking
  • Step 4: welcome to the Amazon Rainforest