The ceremonies including  the use of ayahuasca should be considered  an experience of personal growth and not  a substitute of psychotherapy or just a complementary work of it. The use of ayahuasca may involve intense experiences accompanied by strong emotional and physical releases. This experience  is not recommended to the people  with cardiovascular problems, severe hypertension, psychiatric pathology, recent surgery or fractures, serious infectious diseases, epilepsy and spiritual crises underway. No safety data are existing regarding the use of ayahuasca during pregnancy.  If you have any  doubt concerning your health condition before to  begin any session, it is essential that you consult  your doctor or therapist, as well as, in advance, with the organizers of the session.

The answers to the following questions have the intent to help the organizers during the session and they will remain confidential. Please answer  all the questions with full particulars. 

Personal Data


Medical Survey


Motivation Letter