This kind of medicine is prepared through different grindings and sieves of tobacco, medicinal plants, barks and ashes. Although the rapé can be prepared with different plants, tobacco presence helps to sort and balance the other medicines, to direct them to a specific purpose and to reawaken their and our essential purity. The rapé is blown with a small tube through each nostril, balancing the two hemispheres of the brain, our feminine side and our male side. To receive the medicine we must be receptive, calm and hold our breath; closing the glottis prevents  the tobacco to go down our throat and bronchi. The "soplada" also helps to heal from individualism and it reminds us that we need others,  that some medicines are taken individually, while others must be received from the hands of a brother or a sister. The Western practice of smoking the rapé is a distortion of the original drawing of this medicine, which makes it ineffective in its essential purpose of cleansing the mind. Through the breath, the rapé doesn’t reach the paranasal sinuses, while it penetrates the lower airways causing irritation. It is also used to help to expel mucus and parasites from the paranasal sinuses. It eliminates headaches and torpor, as it decompresses the cranial pressure. It is also an excellent antibiotic and cicatrizant if applied to wounds, in particular formulations that contain sage and lavender. Finally, rapé  is also a medicine for visions. Some indigenous peoples prepare it with some plants for this specific purpose, such as yopo and cebil.