Technique of the high Peruvian Amazon region with more than 3000 years of tradition, it’s used  as a purge (through vomiting) and to give strength and mental clarity. Tobacco Mapacho is a master plant, macho plant, considered the strongest and the most sacred of the Peruvian Amazon. It is an excellent completion of Ayahuasca. The tobacco plant is one of the best plants for energy cleansing and it helps to  give relief tosickness, it is also indicated for  cleansing the body from alcohol, synthetic drugs, marijuana and cigarettes and to beat their related addictions. The session is in the morning, because at this time the body facilitates the elimination of toxins. It is a method used by the indios and it consists in drinking a hot infusion that induces, through vomiting, to release physical, mental and emotional impurities. It is important to remember that the discharge, in the ancestral culture, it is not considered a bad thing, but on the contrary, it is seen as a way in which the body gets rid of diseases and negative energies. By observing nature, we can see that even animals ingest purgative plants in order to "cleanse". The feeling of vomiting during the process is not as annoying as when we vomit for the intemperate consumption of alcohol, but it is instead a true release of emotional charge and negative energies. It carries out strictly fasting. This technique brings benefits  until the end of the session and the positive effects will remain during the following weeks.

This session is recommended for:

• carry out a general purification of the body

• reduces stress levels and promotes  tranquility

• reduces / eliminates self-destructive tendencies and dependencies

• frees ourselves from our fears and psycho-emotional blocks

• increases pulmonary capacity

• adjusts arterial tension, heart rate and blood oxygen levels

• prepares the body for a ceremony of Ayahuasca

This session is not indicated for women who are pregnant or during the menstrual cycle and for those who suffer  from low blood pressure or who have had brain or heart surgery.