To attend an ayahuasca ceremony is helpful to start a mental a physical preparation earlier. It is necessary to follow a diet for at least three days before the session, and maintain it for at least three days after the end. The diet consists of not eating red meat, spicy foods, avoid excessive use of sugar and salt, avoid the consumption of milk and dairy products, do not consume alcohol, do not consume psychoactive substances, stop or decrease the consumption of tobacco and practicing sexual abstinence. As for the women who are in the menstrual period it is recommended to wait at least the third day from the beginning of the cycle. For people who habitually consume psychotropic substances, such as cannabis, it is recommended to stop at least a week before attending a ceremony. 


We use ayahuasca in a ritual form, linked to the tradition of our predecessors, with a total openness to all people, from all backgrounds, ages and beliefs. What we ask from participants in a seminar is to arrive with the utmost seriousness and commitment to the process they are about to realize. A good attitude is to respect this kind of medicine, to welcome this process with humility, trust, openness and being ready to receive and give thanks. Another important aspect when addressing a seminar of ayahuasca is to always remember that the process depends on ourselves, on our commitment, life is a continuous learning path, we have to deal with consciousness, ayahuasca and other remedies helps a lot to look inside ourselves and further, but do not walk for us.