Madre de Dios is one of the world's regions with the greatest wealth of biodiversity. Supporting the tourism in this region, in addition to the opportunity to know amazing places and cultures, means contrasting illegal activities that unfortunately, bringing easy and quick earnings, devastate hectares and hectares of forest daily. The illegal gold mining, the indiscriminate felling of firewood and everything directly connected: child prostitution, child labor, drugs trafficking, etc. not only contribute to the destruction of a rich natural environment, but also undermine cultures and societies that lives in those places. 

Etnopharmakon collaborates with local tourist agencies that rely on local families to raise awareness and encourage responsible tourism, able to help the sustainable development of the indigenous population. 



The Sandoval Lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes of Peru, located in the Tambopata National Reserve is a sanctuary of flora and amazing wildlife. It is possible to meet animals such as caimans, otters, cranes, turtles, sloths, several species of monkeys and many varieties of birds.

Located at a 25-minute speedboat ride from Puerto Maldonado on the Madre de Dios River, the Sandoval lake is considered by rainforest specialists as the most attractive lake in the entire southern Peru, if not of the entire Peruvian Amazon. 




Lake Tres Chimbadas is located on the left bank of the Tambopata River, inside the Tambopata National Reserve. This lake is the second most visited by tourists who come to Madre de Dios. 

One of the shores is characterized by the presence of abundant submerged vegetation where you can observe different species of birds and other animals. In the other shores the vegetation is wooded and there are trees such as Huayo sugar and Shihuahuaco, where the harpy eagle makes its nest, the largest raptor of the Peruvian Amazon, with over two-meter wingspan.


Madre de Dios