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Etnopharmakon's mission is to protect, enhance and valorize the extraordinary ethnobotanical variety of our planet without any kind of historical, cultural and social prejudice.

About Us

Etnopharmakon is a nonprofit organization founded in 2014 in Italy, Spain and Peru, from the union of anthropologists, biologists, agronomists, ethnobotanists, curanderos and experts of traditional Amazonian medicine.

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Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as a spokesperson of our mission, make a real and lasting difference in the lives of people and the environment.

What We Do


Plants Seminars / Retreat / Diet in the Amazon and abroad

Ethnobotanical Garden

Creation of educational ethnobotanical gardens


Research on Ethnobotany and Traditional Medicines

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Amarumayo: Ethnobotanical Garden

Amarumayo is located inside the Eco-center(Puerto Maldonado, calle rompeolas 3.2 km), a multipurpose facility created in 2001 and that, at the moment, is home to several non-profit organizations including: Etnopharmakon, Asociación de Agricultura Ecológica, Ecodely, La Chacrita del Arte, La Planta. Thanks to the collaboration between all of these associations, the Eco-center was converted into a pivotal point...

Eyawasije: Healing Center

Throughout the centuries, our indigenous ancestors recognized that all disease had its origin in an imbalance that existed between the human being and nature. In traditional Amazonian wisdom, the human being is part of the jungle, of the earth and its elements. The human being is not the owner of nature, not someone with the authority to make decisions about the delicate balance of life without first asking permission from the nature spirits...

Meet Our Team

Federico Giudici

Graduate in History and Ethnological and Anthropological Sciences, specializing in Health Systems, Traditional and not Conventional...

Medicine at the University of Milano-Bicocca. He’s interested in the therapeutic potential of plants, particularly of those which contains psychoactive compounds. In 2011 he carried out research in the Takiwasi center of Tarapoto, in peruvian Amazon rainforest (center for recovery from drug addiction and investigation on medicinal plants), and since then he collaborates with various local curanderos interested in pursuing study towards the traditional Amazonian medicine and its therapeutic potential, especially in the field of addictions and mental disorders. In 2014 he decided to found, with Pierangelo Guerrero, the non-profit organization Etnopharmakon, of which he is president.

Pierangelo Guerrero

After approaching drug studies from the anthropological perspective, has been working for years on harm reduction strategies on drugs...

through the collaboration with the Spanish NGO Energy Control and, at European level, with the NEW IP project, focusing on the chemical analysis of substances and personal advising to recreational drug users. In 2013 he is co-founder of TLConscious project and the year after, led by his interest in the ethnobotany and the therapeutic potential of some traditional remedy, he founded Etnopharmakon with Federico Giudici.

Carlo M. Schenone Infante

Curandero and expert in the handling of Amazonian medicinal plants. Ayahuasquero with an experience of more than eighteen years...

He collaborated with Takiwasi center in Tarapoto and is a student of Colombian Tayta Adonias Quintero.