Recovering Health at Eyawasije Healing and Reconnection Center

Throughout the centuries, our indigenous ancestors recognized that all disease had its origin in an imbalance that existed between the human being and nature. In traditional Amazonian wisdom, the human being is part of the jungle, of the earth and its elements. The human being is not the owner of nature, not someone with the authority to make decisions about the delicate balance of life without first asking permission from the nature spirits.

It was known in ancient times that whenever someone in the tribe or the community suffered from disease or ill health, it was because that delicate balance between human and nature was broken, and the only way to recover the health was to regain balance and harmony through sacred rituals.

After centuries in which civilization has advanced, the sacred balance is now forgotten and despised. Humans live in cities without coming into contact with the natural world. Modern life is full of pollutants and stress, fed by negative elements that affect health, schedules and jobs, leaving many human beings without a sense of healthy life. Humankind is enslaved by technology, and is consumed with spiritual emptiness.  Throughout our evolution, we have created many modern components that now contribute to our state of imbalance with nature.

Because of our Amazonian cultural heritage, we believe everything that exists is part of a spiritual energy network. Everything has consciousness and its own character on different levels. Everything has a sacred spirit: water, seas, rivers, trees, birds, rocks ….and the human being. Our bodies are also part of nature. When the balance is broken between humanity and the rest of nature, little by little the natural balance of our bodies breaks down in response to this imbalance and we get sick.

At Eyawasije Center, we have the intention and the fervent desire to recover this balance. We seek to do this through traditional practice and the responsible, trustworthy and ritualized management of plant teachers and medicines of the Amazon rainforest, in keeping with the teachings received from our ancestors. We call our center the Eyawasije Healing and Reconnection Center because we believe that healing comes when we connect with our natural state of being, far away from all the noise of modern life, feeling our bodies and the flow of our hearts in unison with the earth. Our space offers you the opportunity to recover mental silence, to listen to one’s own voice, to the voice of the forest, and the voice of the Divine.

Our space is your space

The space we create at Eyawasije Center is dedicated to the ritualized practice of ancestral Amazonian plant medicines, ecological and organic agriculture, inner silence, and protection of the Amazonian environment. The vision of healing that we offer does not come about through spontaneous miracles; it requires the hard work necessary for integration and recovery. At the same time, we are confident in the possibility of long-term healing that can result from changes to one’s life and consciousness. We see healing as a joint work where the will and active contribution of the patient play a very important role. We create a space for transformation where silence, seclusion from everyday life, the master plants, physical work, and a more spiritual vision of life itself operate in collaboration with the desire for healing of the people who decide to seek alternative solutions.

The idea is that, while at the Center, patients can relearn ways to create a healthy living space that can then be transported back into daily life. For this purpose, we offer different modalities that we hope will be adapted to what is needed for each participant in the journey towards healing and restoring lost balance. These modalities include:

Silent retreats and agricultural work on our farm.

Detox regime with Noni extract.

Ritual ceremonies with the sacred plant teacher, Ayahuasca.

Mild dietas with various Amazonian master and medicinal plants.

Soursop or graviola leaf diet, support for anticancer therapies.

Purges with detoxifying plants.

Treatment with the sacred tobacco plant.

Energy cleanses.

Plant and flower baths.

Strong dietas with master plants.


Before patients are accepted for any treatment at Eyawasije Center, patients must present a clinical history and medical background information. This requirement is in place so that each case can be evaluated on an individual basis. Once evaluation is complete, we can accept the patient’s participation and recommend treatments that best suits your needs.

We believe that our medicines and our treatments are very effective as long as people understand that all indications and requirements in our treatments must be followed exactly. Patients must also understand that what we offer is access to long-term processes of change and healing, not miraculous, instant solutions. Similarly, patients must arrive with a faithful commitment to finish what they start, the commitment to follow the indications given by the vegetalistas (traditional doctors), the commitment to enter a zone that is free from wifi and connection with the outside life, and the commitment to work with the land, according to the specific treatments. We believe that the collaboration of therapists familiar with working with plants is a key component to help the integration of the strong experiences that we will undergo in our processes in the center. All processes and treatments are accompanied by healthy and organic food, and we make every effort to get all local and farmers’ food that is dedicated to organic agriculture.